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Solving Equine Back/Body Pain

For all types of Working and Pleasure Horses

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If your horse is bucking,

I can stop him grumping.

My Massages and Training

Can STOP the Complaining.

Start winning your courses

With Hands Healing Horses.

The AMassage Biomechanics at work

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Dr. Nancy Nicholson

No matter what part of the horse world you enjoy, at one time or another your horse is likely to have reduced range of motion or pain that affects their performance.  

Just like you and I, pain will affect a horse’s attitude and prevent them from giving you 110%.

The AMassage program is a proven Step by Step Process to Increase your horse’s Mobility and become more Athletic.  It means:

When you hurt, life just isn’t fun any more.  Don’t let “life” get in the way of your horse; on the trail, in the show ring, on the track or just “hangin’ with the herd”.  

Massage and Holistic Training programs from Hands Healing Horses, LLC can help

Get your horse back into the game!

Hi, I am Carol Hibschman,

the  Owner and Certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist at Hand Healing Horses, LLC.  

I am a Level 1 Amassage Bio-Mechanics ESMT and Holistic Trainer.

I provide you and your horse with complimentary care options to improve your horse’s movement and reduce pain through a variety of methods that are customized to meet your specific needs.

Several years ago I was given a washed up racehorse even though I knew a free horse is never really free.  So we weren’t surprised that he came with a few issues.  Trying to “fix” him has turned into a quest for answers and a passion for helping horses and owners.  

Correcting atrophied muscles is not a task of a few days or weeks but is accomplished by slowly and steadily building strength using specific exercises designed to encourage correct muscle use.  

By going through the strength training methodically I will get to my ultimate goal faster.

To do things right, It takes the time that it takes.

As I tried to express in my poem, if your normally willing horse is protesting, there is something wrong.  

Please give me a call so we can work out what is causing the protest.  

I also work with EPM, Cushings, chonic pain, sway back and less extreme issues including sore backs, stiff necks, limited range of motion, generalized pain, lameness that appears, disappears or moves around.

Massage and complementary care is for all types of pre-Competition, pre-Show, pre-Race or pre-Sale tune ups And improves the recovery process after competition.  

No mater your area of competition or use: driving, ACTHA trail rides,  team ropers, penning/sorting,

barrel racers, dressage or hunter/jumpers, pulling teams.

If your horse is off, you are out of the money.

I am here to help your horse perform at their very best!

Carol Hibschman


Level 1 AMassage  and Bio-Mechanics Trainer

Before Massage & Holistic Training

AFTER Massage & Holistic Training

Do you know how to Properly Condition your horse’s Back?

The strength of his back influences everything about your horse… attitude, speed, lameness.

This is what Pain Looks like in Horses

Pain Expressions