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Solving Equine Back/Body Pain

For all types of Working and Pleasure Horses

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All rights reserved Hands Healing Horses, LLC © 2013, 2014

New Offering for 2015!

Equine Back Conditioning Classes

Sign up your Barn or Students for my new Back Conditioning Classes.

These sessions will educate the rider/owner in the proper way to strengthen their horse’s back.

This class series will give the average horse owner the skills to keep their horse’s back strong as well as provide the tools to detect when there are problems.

Class Sizes are limited.  Reserve your spot now!

Required Equipment

  1. Rope Halter (2 or 4 knots)
  2. 10 to 15 foot lead line
  3. One of: Lunge Whip, Stick & String, Carrot Stick or Dressage Whip
  4. Leather Shoes/Boots
  5. Gloves - Leather is preferred
  6. Helmet (Advanced classes)

What You Get

  1. 2 hour long semi-private class
  2. Class size is limited to 4
  3. Pain evaluation on your horse
  4. Measurement chart to track body changes
  5. Course handout to review the exercises
  6. Basic training plan
  7. Exercise patterns to keep you and your horse interested in the work.


Required Documents

Current Negative Coggins.  

Signed release form

Mailed in with registration


$90 per horse

Class Times

11:00, 1:30, 4:00, 7:00pm