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What do Essential Oils do for my horse?

Essential oils are useful for horses in many ways.  

Some oils have been found by National Institute of Health ( to be anti-bacterial/anti-viral and can be good options for disinfecting tools and buckets to prevent passing illnesses or skin diseases from horse to horse.

Just like people, horses can get depressed or moody.  Some horses just can’t concentrate long enough to understand the training.  Others get so overwhelmed by being asked to do something new that they shut down.

Essential oils and blends can help them keep it together without resorting to force or drugs.

Horses relax and yawn, lick and chew throughout most sessions.

There are frequent changes in their attitude that will last for days or weeks.

Not all oils should be used on all animals.

Citrus oils can harm cats and should not be used on anything they can come into contact with, even if part of a blend or well diluted.

In most cases with oils, using less is more.  Well diluted oils last longer and improve the skin’s ability to absorb the oil.

I use only the best Therapeutic Grade oils available.  These are the oils that are taken from the first pressing/distillation of the leaves/bark/root.  They have the most complex chemistry as they include all of the oils available from the plant.

Lower grade oils or oils taken from the second or third distillation don’t have this same complex chemistry so they don’t have the same effect on you or your horse.

All the oils I use are from plants specifically grown for their oil.  This ensures the quality and limits contamination from inappropriate fertilizers or herbicides.