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Solving Equine Back/Body Pain

For all types of Working and Pleasure Horses

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Before- would not square up

After Massage & Bio-Mechanics Training    No Hip Bones

No more Lameness!  

Weight is evenly distributed on all legs.

The EPM ReBound Strategy that Works WONDERS!!

Don’t believe that you can bring back a 20 year old EPM horse?  

Well you’re looking a one right now.  The other one is a healthy 9 year old.  

Which one do you think it is?

The EPM Rebound Strategy works quickly and helps horse to recover from the horrible effects of EPM.  

Please, Don’t allow someone to tell you your horse can’t recover.  

The AMassage Method & Herbal Infusion helps your horse to

ReConnect, ReBalance, ReBuild and Recover!

So did you guess the horse on the Right?

Common EPM Symptoms

A very common symptom reported for EPM is uncoordinated movement of the rear feet, worse on one side (asymmetrical ataxia).

If the horse isn’t worse on one side than the other, most likely-it’s NOT EPM. This symptom is often worse moving uphill or downhill, and while stopping or raising the head.

I’ve also read that EPM primarily affects the RIGHT HIND.

If it’s the LEFT HIND primarily affected they believe it is LYME DISEASE.

Common EPM Body Symptoms

Common EPM Symptoms of the Head

Less Common EPM Symptoms

REHAB Massage by My Coach and Trainer Bev Brady

This picture is of a horse that was hit by a car 2 weeks prior to massage & chiropractic treatment!   

A DVM Chiropractor has been out and did what he could to align the rest of her body and make her comfortable-he did a lot with her back and hind end and now she’s moving her body a lot better.  Before the adjustment it wouldn’t bend at all!  

These pictures were taken prior to her second Massage-the one on the bottom is the SAME DAY AFTER THE Full Body Massage! Amazing difference already!

This picture below right was taken today-after her second chiro adjustment! She’s doing so much better, when other vets didn’t give her a chance!

Picture is BEFORE her last adjustment, you can barely see the C4 Vertebra out of alignment.

Dr. Haverkos adjusted her and she’s now completely recovered and her young owner is back riding her!  The Incredible Dr. Mark Haverkos! He did the adjustments on this horse.